Attitudinal Healing Center - Vienna, Austria

Attitudinal Healing Center - Vienna, Austria


Attitudinal Healing Vienna


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To open a way for us and others to learn forgiveness in as many situations as possible. To remember together that it is always possible to change our attitudes towards ourselves, others, life and the world.

Karin and Johannes have been students of ACIM for more than 20 years, and had heard about Jerry Jampolsky. When they found out Melanie Gieschen had opened the first AH group in Germany, they spontaneously emailed her and asked her how they could bring AH to Austria. She invited them to come to Berlin. In September Karin and Johannes spent some time at Melanie's home in Berlin so she could give them intensive training.

Johannes had also invited some German ACIM students to come to Berlin at the same time and they had a wonderful ACIM meeting as well. After this meeting Karin and Johannes told the ACIM students about AH, and that they had the opportunity to participate in Melanie's AH group the next day. And so they did... and maybe there will be some more German AH groups very soon.

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